Customers receive a monthly report, highlighting the waste recycled, landfilled and carbon savings. As a responsible waste management company, we are committed to helping customers reduce landfill charges and ensure legislative compliance. This commitment to waste management has us constantly searching for new methods of waste management as uses are found for more and more materials after their first intended life.

If you would like a full waste management and recycling review carried out at your premises.

We are more than happy to look at areas of improvement to help you increase recycling levels and achieve higher revenue for recyclable materials. We can provide container-based or loose collections depending on requirements.

Sustainable, compliant and cost-effective waste management

Our comprehensive Total waste management (TWM) service handles all waste, from metal to hazardous. After evaluating your output, we’ll manage it efficiently, responsibly and sustainably, including secure storage, regular collection and transportation to our recycling centres. We can offer cost-effective and nationwide services thanks to our wide industry contacts, minimising costs and increasing waste compliance.

We care about your waste

Not only do we recommend and implement positive changes to your waste collections; but our consultants can also provide waste awareness training where we can educate your staff about the best ways to segregate waste to increase recycling rates.


Total waste management may include,
but is not limited to:

  • Dedicated account management and out-of-hours contact
  • On-site operatives
  • Bespoke and informative waste area signage and container labelling
  • Range of tailored equipment to store and contain waste
  • Food Waste
  • On-Site waste management
  • Range of equipment to move and handle waste
  • Reliable, cost-effective collection services for all waste streams
  • Electrical Waste Recycling (WEEE)
  • Detailed and insightful month-end reporting and documentation
  • Hazardous & Non-hazardous waste
  • Commercial Recycling
  • Recycling revenue (Rebates)
  • Confidential Waste, Safe Disposals and Shredding services.
  • Waste minimisation and circular economy training

Why choose Safe Waste services?:

From the smallest and simplest waste disposal to complex multi-site clearances, our commitment is to our customers and the planet as we continue to maximise our waste recycling and reuse efficiencies.

Managing waste can be time-consuming, especially if you want it done properly.
Let’s be honest – waste is a by-product of your industry or services, not its core.
Hand your waste management over to us, not only will it free up valuable hours, we’ll ensure the waste is dealt with efficiently and cost-effectively while meeting all your legal obligations and environmental targets.

We work with organisations across all sectors, so we appreciate that every organisation is different. That’s why we take the time right from the start to establish our client’s needs; from there, we create a tailored waste management plan.

The many benefits of working with Safe Waste:

Waste prevention & segregation

Eliminate waste where possible and ensure segregation by waste stream.

Increase recycling

We increase recycling by improving waste segregation at source.

Revenue from rebates

Waste is a valuable resource. We guarantee the best possible rebate values for your materials.

Reduce carbon footprint

We optimise disposal routes to reduce journeys and consider the carbon impact of the final fate of your waste.

Improve health & safety

At the forefront of our values, we improve housekeeping across your site to ensure staff safety and compliant waste disposal.

For a full waste management and recycling review carried out at your premises contact Safe Waste today!

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For a full waste management and recycling review carried out at your premises!

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